Bespoke Service

This new Majesty Bespoke service offers the same unmatched quality and prestige from one of the most iconic Houses on Savile Row, optimized for a more convenient bespoke experience.

Our new service guarantees delivery of a two-piece suit in only 4 to 6 weeks, which is 40% faster than a conventional bespoke service. This is perfect for the modern, time conscious gentleman.

Majesty Bespoke offers a full bespoke baste that is measured, cut, fit, finished, and pressed, thus guaranteeing the same esteemed quality of service and delivery synonymous with the House. Some of the sewing tasks are completed by carefully selected and vetted ateliers. Therefore, we are able to accelerate the delivery of this bespoke service for you.



On your first visit, we will help you select your cloth and determine the style and detail of the pieces we are making for you. You are then measured so that we can create your paper pattern. If you are not sure what you want, we will provide professional guidance to help you decide. We make suits, jackets, overcoats, shirts, and much more.


Usually referred to as a basted fitting, this is the moment we see the garment on you for the first time and make any necessary adjustments. The garment is then stripped down, re-marked, and re-sewn for your next fitting if we both feel one is required. Second fittings are normal for new customers but are unusual for returning customers.


This is when we check whether any adjustments made as a result of your first fitting are correct. Any further adjustments required are also noted and made before the garment is again stripped down, re-marked, re-sewn, and finished ahead of you collecting your garments.



Two piece suit starting price: CAN 3000

Overcoat starting price: CAN 2700

Trench Coat starting price: CAN 2000

Shirt starting price: CAN 700

Pants starting price: CAN 1200

Vest starting price: CAN 900


Two piece suit starting price: SEK 19000

Overcoat starting price: SEK 17500

Trench Coat starting price: SEK 13000

Shirt starting price: SEK 4500

Pants starting price: SEK 8000

Vest starting price: SEK 6000