Women’s Shirts

Tailored to your exact measurements, customize your shirt from the colour and fit, to the fabric and style. All our shirts are tailored to fit perfectly with our suit options, or left on their own as stand-out pieces.


  • Shirt Design & Fit

  • Collar Style (Button-Down, Hidden Button-Down, or Built-In Stays)

  • Collar Spread and Point Length

  • Cuff Style (French, Button, Double-Button)

  • Monogram (Style, Color & Placement)

  • Contrasting Fabric Inside Collars and Cuffs

  • Front Shirt Style (Plain Front, Placket Front, or Fly Front)

  • Shirt Back (No Pleats, Double-Pleated, or Box Pleat)

  • Button Attachment Thread Color

  • Buttons and Buttonhole Color

  • And so much more